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"Jill came out to discuss the job and walked us through what we needed to do to prepare for pest control; and what they would do when they arrived. Technician James was very professional. We did a quick walk through the house to determine what needed to be done, and areas to concentrate on. After James finished, he told us what to expect; what to do that day; and what to do in a week to finished things. All bugs gone - no sign of any bugs after 10 days. We couldn't be happier with the results."

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Don't Let Bed Bugs Disturb Your Slumber! Nothing ruins your peace of mind and rest more than knowing bed bugs have invaded your home. Bed bugs are resilient and invasive pests. Their bites are painful and they spread rapidly, quickly taking over your home. Don't lose anymore sleep over bed bugs! Let Healthy Home Pest Control and Solutions handle your bed bug treatment and we'll eliminate every bug so you can sleep soundly again.

What You Need To Know If You Think You Have An Infestation

Don't Move Anything

Your first reaction might be to throw away a lot of possessions, but moving items could cause contamination in other rooms. Also lots of furniture can be treated and salvaged. Just call a professional as soon as possible.

What Are The Signs?

Being bitten at night is a sure fire sign of a Bed Bug Problem, but there are other indicators. Check for black spots (fecal matter) around the seams and corner of the mattress.

Where Will You Find Them?

Bed Bugs don't like movement, which is why they feed at night. They will often be about eight feet from where you sleep, in a mattress or chair. They can travel up to a hundred feet in a single night.

I Don't Want My Neighbors To Know!

Though everyone is more at risk of Bed Bugs, we understand the stigma associated with them. We  always practice discretion so you don't have to worry about gossip in your community.

Will They Go Away Naturally?

Unfortunately not. Bed Bugs are hard to spot. The larvae mature in about 35 days and adults can live between 7 to 12 months. Expert extermination is essential!

Do They Carry Diseases?

Bed Bugs are parasites, not vermin, so they do not carry diseases. The bites are itchy and an infestation can be a serious nuisance.

Jim W.

"The individual, Ron, who made the initial contact with us, kept in touch with us throughout the whole project . He set an appointment time and even called ahead when he was able to come a little earlier. He assessed the problem quickly, procured the parts we needed and completed the repair in an amazingly short period of time. Ron was courteous and wore protective coverings over his shoes so that our carpet would not get dirty. We were thoroughly pleased with the work of Ron on behalf of Healthy Home Pest Control and Services and would definitely hire this company again."

Jill L.

"They were amazing it is nice to use a local company. Great Customer service my ants are gone. Then I signed up to have my air ducts cleaned wow can I breathe better. Highly recommended them... The technician were very friendly and nice"

Jeff M.

"The technician that came to my home was very well mannered. Explained everything to me he was going to do. Mike was very thorough at his job. Very pleasant man to be around. Did his job without any problem. I would recommend the company to anyone. Thanks again!"

Bed Bugs Are On The Rise!

The idea of your home being infested with these blood suckers is repulsive, but more households are experiencing the problem! Bed Bugs have been increasing nationwide since the 1990's and many think this is partly due to increased travel. Everyone is at risk of a Bed Bug infestation, as they feed off blood and not filth, these parasites have no correlation to the cleanliness of your home. While some people have allergic reactions to Bed Bug Bites, a third of the population have no reaction which has caused the rising numbers to go unnoticed. This means it is worth knowing the signs of Bed Bugs, as bites may not always be an indicator.

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